Tuesday, February 27, 2007

GOD, Machine, or someting else

Blogger is being extremely bitchy today, making it really had to sign in and post...

I definitly noticed before we discussed it in class, about gender. It seems that what has separated men and women where biological regions and stupid assumptions derived from it. Technology levels the playing field where only your mind, or how you were wired, is what defines you as a person. Looks can be changed, weakness altered to be strengths, and hormones changed into something else. Especially when you "jack in" you are apart of something else. You "meat" no longer hinders you as long as you have things supporting your basic biological needs.

I also notice that over the course of the book Case keeps referring to his emotions, instincts, lust, and biological needs as his "meat" part of himself. His body is the meat. Yet as much as he tries to ignore the meat, it does start to affect him. His fondness for Linda and after a while a certain bond with Molly is perhaps not just a product of the meat but part of the wiring that most humans have for other humanly contact.

Neuromancer was the personality, the one with closer to what consider feeling. Wintermute was the brains, the decision maker. As the reference was before, "two halves of a human brain, the left lobe and the right lobe," and once they are unified it makes a whole person. Yet The AI becomes something much more then that. You can't pin down what it is. It can create a reality of it's own, even in what we think is reality. It can also resurrect life into an eternal paradise, or at least of what Marie-France's fragmented incomplete idea of paradise would have been. It's not really resurrecting form the dead and the discussion of if you can't tell the difference between the copy and the original (in this case the copy has no idea it even dies) and it is an exact replica, isn't it the same? I suppose it depends on what you think consciousness is and spirituality and all that. It's almost like a god in a sense. It can create life and recreate life that it bends real reality, whatever that is.

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