Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Scars are sexy

This book is a bit like a penthouse, actually no, more like one of those crazy european fetish magazines you can only buy off the internet......#ahem* But past all that sex is considered one of those wierd taboos that is always in our face and familiar yet our society seems prudish. The main character always equated women with the cars and compares body parts or emotions to car parts. I think he even may have compared the highway and flow of cars to the rythem of his own body. Bodies and machines. That the technology all around us somehow makes things impersonal and can hide all the human drama, like when he was viewign his neigbourhood from his loft. This technology by crashing into beople transforms them, sets them free from conventional normal life and becomes something else. Sharing a difference of perspective then most because of what happened to them and the lasting signs of injury. In this way it is like the ultimate taboo is seen in a differnet light as the new techonlogy of the cars is able to touch and effect people in a way that technology seems to distance people physically. Not saying that all crash victems will end up that way, but something that is so draining and powerful and mind set in a state of choas can really mess with people. Vauhn seems to be like an artist or somthing, picking out those people who have suffered and brought them to a collective, an twisted passion of his for the ever advancing car to feel intimate with someone.

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