Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Well I am finally back online so here goes trying to get caught up. What struck me most about Galatea 2.2 was with in the first several pages. The beginning of the book describes the technological bubble of isolation that seemed to exist between the university and the outside world, and this section really threw me back in time. In 1994 about the same time the book was written I was just starting school at Michigan Tech, and this same sort of bubble existed. This was when the internet boom was just starting to explode and most people I knew outside of a university setting were not online. I seemed like the entire world of information was at my finger tips, and just like powers I would become lost in the web and find myself alone in the computer lab until the wee hours gorging my brain on information. And even then I noticed the irony of hand writing letters to people trying to describe this awesome technology.

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