Monday, April 9, 2007

Ode to Cyborg Culture

Well...for my Shakespeare class we had to come up with a sonnet for a little competition in class. It could be on anything really, but had to have the typical rhyme scheme, ten syllables per line, fourteen lines, etc. that comes with writing a sonnet. So as I sit pondering in my living room, I had no idea what to write a sonnet on. Turns out, the subjects we have been discussing in Cyborg Culture are something I've never really studied before and there is some pretty interesting stuff in there that I don't believe too many people think about yet. So long story short, I wrote a sonnet on a Cyborg Culture topic we talk about a lot...and I've decided to share it with with all of you...

She is but that of a complex machine
In truth inhuman, life given by man.
There's hardware within not outwardly seen,
But what I see is seemingly "woman."
How I feel for this electric mistress;
O flawless fabrication, so alive!
I look upon your sheath wearing that dress,
And ignore what inside you was contrived.
What can we call this created creature
That appears to me precise as can be?
And wired within to function all features,
For built was she exclusively for me.
Human is how my eyes will behold "it,"
But that position she can never fit.

Interestingly, my professor, and many in the class, wondered if this was actually about a created cyborg woman, or if it was all metaphorically speaking about this woman being like a "machine."


Kirk Plankey said...

Sarah, Great Job! That is an awesome effort. I thouroughly enjoyed reading your "Ode". Really. It is also very interesting how your class and instructot saw multiple ways of reading into it. Great job, at giving both their class and our something to think about and something to appreciate.



Adam said...

As Kirk has already said, excellent job! You have created a work of poetic art that brings to mind the themes that we have been rolling over and over in our minds and discussions throughout the course of our class.

I was especially intruiged by your chosen ending to the sonnet, in which you proclaim that the machine can never fit the position of human. Indeed "she" can appear to be human in every way, but she can never truly be human. It seems the more we discuss the cyborg entity, the less we are able to say that it is human, rather that it is human-imitating. We may see a human, but beneath the fabricated flesh and those dazzling genetically-created eyes, the machine still remains ever-present.

Genius. I award you a generous portion of "props" for your lovely sonnet. ^.^

Anne Gretz said...

Wow!! That was a beautiful way to express the argument.."human or not?" Thanks for sharing your sonnet!