Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Biblical Metropolis

I just got done watching the movie... Wow!!! I was blown away by all the biblical references and symbolism!!! The Eternal Gardens and Tower of Babel reference were the first to be seen and heard..but the first to really strike me visually was when Freder changes places with worker # 11811 and as he struggles with the arms of the machine, he looks as though he is on a cross and asks "Father, Father, will 10 hours never end?" This got me to thinking about The Time Machine and the reference to the name of the Eloi in the notes about section 6; " Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?" translates to "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?", Jesus's final words on the cross. Perhaps the Time Traveler gave the name Eloi to the creatures looking the most like man or created in man's/God's image and perhaps feeling that they have been forsaken to an awful fate with the Morlocks. In the movie, it's a cry for help, a question of why this is happening. Also, the themes of Creator (Frederson), Prophet (Maria), Mediator or Savior (Freder), humanity (workers) and the devil (Rotswang); of wanton desires and mankinds lustful nature (Yoshiwara); the reference to the Apocolypse and the Seven Deadly Sins that were present in the movie. The other religious theme, that has been perpetuated through time, is the portrayal of the main female character, Maria; that of saint and slut. How it was that the image of a woman, who was to save the people and lead them peacefully, could be turned into the image of something evil that will lead the workers to their death and downfall. Eventually, it seems that peace between Frederson (Creator) and the workers (humanity) is to be brokered by the Mediator (Freder) and the people are saved.... in front of a cathedral. It seems to me, at least in this piece of Science Fiction cinema, religion and science went together into telling this fantastic, futuristic tale!

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Amanda said...

Yes, I agree with them and spotted most of the ones that you spotted. One other one that you did not mention that may be a bit reaching was when Freher saw what looked like a sphinx and slaves being fed to it. This reminded me of how the slaves were kept in Egypt, until they escaped.