Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Movie

For me, this was a very difficult movie to watch and was hard to figure out. It seems as though that the whole society is a machine in itself. The workers are the clogs of the machine and the center brain or heart (depending on what you think is the center of a person) is Freder's (sp?) father. Without the brain/heart trying to ensure that everything runs smoothly, the machine falls apart. Those in Metropolis (the above ground area) do not seem to know how the machine works and just the vision of what the city should be, while the workers know how the machine works, almost as if they are part of the machines based on their movements. This means that they need to work together for the ultimate good of everyone; however, the workers revolt and destroy the main machine.
The creator of this film has created a dystopia in an urban setting and how it would be if there were two social classes at war. The creator of this film seems to say that people must be careful not to take for granted machines or those who work on them, else the machines could take over and destroy all that ha been built. This is based on the fact that the workers can be considered the machines since they move so much like machines and flow with the movements of the machine. It is also based on how the workers eventually get revenge on those who believe they have ultimate control. The creator is warning also that control is precarious and must not be taken for granted. Considering the destruction that was wrought from the robot Maria was able to convince the workers to revolt, I believe this creator of the movie is warning that robots could be huge trouble if they become too human in their nature and looks.
In a way, this reminded me of Well's book we just read. The similarity was mostly felt because their were two secret classes and in a sense, races. One could not survive without the other.

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