Monday, January 22, 2007

Time Traveller

I found H.G. Wells' The Time Machine presented interesting insights regarding the Time Traveller and his relation to the time machine. First, the Time Traveller curiously chose to travel into the future, and not just a few years (for instance to see where his own life takes him) but he goes so far that readers for centuries to come will never meet. Also, why didn't it stike him to go into the past to explore the time before or againt to tamper with his own life. I think it is our human nature that propells us to the unknown, the thirst to explore and discover things mysterious and unreachable. Also, the Time Traveller must have felt pretty secure in his current life not to tamper with it which to me seems like something a vast array of people may attempt with such thing as a Time Machine. It is interesting for one to ask themselves "if I could travel time, where would I go and why?"
Not to write a novel here...but another thing that caught my attention was the Time Traveller's connection to the machine. Without the machine, he was distressed and raving, not to metion highly helpless. Also, when he discovered it missing, he was almost violent in an attempt to question the Eloi to where it was. Then, when he believes the machine is behind the bronze of the White Sphinx he wants to beat it open by any means necessary to reunite with his prized possesion. I also thought there was a point where he took no remorse in the thought of pummeling the Morlocks for stealing his Time Machine. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end and feel there can be much to discuss about it. These insights I posed were just a few that interested in.

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