Monday, January 22, 2007

Poor Weena.....

When I was reading "Time Machine," Thursday's discussion did come to mind, yet, it was certainly no utopian society. The evolution of mankind into the two from the Marxist perspective was interesting, though even in the present day such evolution is happening. It reminded me that with societies such as ours, so heavily reliant on science, technology, and processed food, and that need increasing; People are getting fatter, and more prone to illness due to our habits.

Anyway, getting back on the subject, I thought the omission of most of the names was interesting, especially of the time traveler's, as it was blatantly written out and left blank. It makes me think that perhaps he wasn't named because of something he did wherever in time he went. It reminded me of "Back to the Future" How you aren't supposed disrupt anything or you could change history.

I remember reading this story along time ago when I was kid, and watching the movie too. Much different, as the movie takes off after his initial adventure. Worth a watch.

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